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Mount Dora High school leos

Making a Difference

Local and International relief ---We Serve!


International Disaster Relief

Volunteer Lions are helping survivors with supplies, funds and  manpower. You may not know where help is needed, or what to send, Lions International does.

Your time and donation goes to help others, not to someone's salary


Kid Sight Camera


Far too many of our children have not had their eyes checked by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Amazingly, most schools do not provide detailed eye exams. Many children do not even have a chance to read a basic eye chart until much later in life. Unfortunately this neglect causes many of our children to be unable to clearly see their assignments on the school blackboards or tin their school books without a lot of difficulty, if at all. Far too many of these children are doomed to fall way behind their potential. A kid sight camera helps Lions help children! This camera can diagnose many eye problems. 


Lions Fight Hunger

 The 2018 Mount Dora Lions Christmas Parade collected over 7445 POUNDS OF FOOD.  Come help us make the next parade even better.  

The Photo on the left is before the parade, just think ALL of those boxes and more were full  with food for the Lake Cards Food Pantry!