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Making a Difference

Lions are very active helping others, here are just a few things we do!


 Mount Dora Lions hold  FREE  Blood Sugar and Retina Screening. 

 The Mount  Dora Lions screen over 200  people for dangerous blood sugar levels every year. Each participant receives a card with their results which  includes a recommendation to see a doctor, if needed. 

The Lions also help pay for and find affordable health care for many individuals. 

Lions also do Retina Screening  to help detect many eye problems such as retina bleeding and macular degeneration. This screening does not need to have eyes dilated nor does it touch the eye.  

 Mount Dora Lions help needy individuals get free eye care every month. Each year we help over 60 individuals in the Mount Dora area. 


 Mount Dora Lions are purchasing a KID SIGHT CAMERA.  This camera will find eye problems that could affect a child's entire life.  Eighty percent of a child's early learning is visual. Imagine how much a pair of glasses or treatment would help!

The Mount Dora Annual Christmas Parade is loved by thousands. At this parade thousands of pounds of food is collected for the Lake Cares Food Pantry. A joyous time for all. Check out our Mount Dora Lions Christmas parade page.